Taos has a sense of place.  Its connections to the land and to culture span centuries.  For the Town of Taos, its heart is the Plaza, and the Taos Farmers Market is a big part of the future of the historic district.

For 28 weeks, each Saturday morning becomes a true community event.  When the market is open, Taos in all its multi-culturalism and diversity is represented when Native American, Spanish, Anglo, Asian, and many other people who also call themselves Taoseño, meet to enjoy what is no less than a small weekly festival.  Peak season, over 1000 people come to enjoy the market, and the Plaza is full with 71 booths.  Locally grown produce, plants, cut flowers, baked goods and hot food are the real treasure of the market, but we also enjoy a little music by Taos musicians, and meeting friends to share recipes, and to talk, and mainly just to celebrate living in Taos.

Que viva Taos! Que viva El Mercado!

Taos Farmers Market has been at the forefront of the local sustainable food movement since its inception in 1973.  The market provides the premier outlet for authentic, locally raised foods.  Over the years, hundreds of local farms have benefited for having the ability to get full retail dollar for the crops they sell, leading to increased economic security, preserving water rights and traditional land use practices, and generally making Taos a great place to live.  Every year since 2014 nearly 100 small businesses participated in Taos Farmers Market.  The market helps local farms thrive.  Our Market is an economic driver and business incubator for agricultural entrepreneurs.

In 2014 through the vision of Mayor Barrone and Town Manager Bellis, we tried an experiment of holding the market on Taos Plaza.  The outpouring of support by the community was enormous.  People who never shopped at Taos Farmers Market started to come weekly.  Hundreds of people fill the Plaza each Saturday when the market is running.

Taos Farmers Market is a member owned by 91 small businesses as a C-corporation and holds annual elections to fill seats on a five member board.  All board members are farmers or vendors, and all board positions are unpaid.  Corporation Charter: Taos Farmers Market is organized for the purposes of representing, protecting, and advancing the social, economic, and educational interests of those engaged in the various branches of agriculture in the state of New Mexico.
Mission Statement
: Provide a premier market for local farms to sell meat, eggs, dairy, produce and plants that they produce themselves.

Our Vendors

Farmers and Ranchers – Most of all its about the farm-fresh food!  The market tops out at 71 booths where farmers sell their produce, meat, eggs, dairy and honey.  All items come from a limited geographic region from Taos and its surroundings.  No reselling is allowed.  It is the best, healthiest, freshest possible produce.  100% authentic and local.

Bakers – Our market is known for its delicious baked goods.  Many people enjoy a scone or cinnamon roll sitting on a plaza bench, and then do their market shopping.

Prepared Foods – Not the best cook? Don’t know what to do with that beautiful fennel?  We got you covered with our prepared food vendors.  From salsa to quiche take home a taste of the region.  Prepared food vendors must use 80% local ingredients to be allowed to vend their delicious fares.

Cut Flowers – There is no better florist than one who grows from seed to petal and we can’t help but have a natural preference for all things local.  Our New Mexican native flowers and plants sure have something special…and stunning!

Body Products – We choose our body products vendors based on how much local agriculture or wild-harvested ingredients they use in their products.  There’s nothing like the aromatherapy & healing properties of Northern New Mexico’s vegetation: sage, pinon, wild rose, juniper