Vendor Training Info: EBT/DUFB/FreshRX/WIC

2022 must-knows for accepting EBT/DUFB/FreshRX:

ALL vendors who want to accept either wooden EBT(SNAP) $1/$5 tokens, silver DUFB $2 tokens OR wooden purple FreshRX $1 tokens must complete a required online training.  This training takes about 20 minutes to read and understand all of the rules & requirements of these 3 different programs: EBT, DUFB & FreshRX. This training will be required if you want us to reimburse you for the tokens you accept from customers.  The training will be open until 7/1/22 and must be completed before that time.  When you pass the test at the end you will receive a certificate with your name on it that you will have to turn in a copy to me (EMAIL or PHYSICALLY add to your first tokens bag) so that I can verify the training was done so that you can start to accept DUFB/FreshRX tokens.  I will not reimburse for them until I have verified that you have completed the training and that will be verified by you turning in your certificate to me, if you can’t print then take a screenshot or forward the certificate to me in an email at   You will have to do this every year from now on, this is NMFMA new rules from their federal grant that funds this program state wide so if you sell in Espanola or Santa Fe you only have to do this training ONCE but you have to give me a copy of your certificate so that I know you completed it.  New Vendors or vendors who did not complete this training last year if you were at the Spring Vendor Meeting and signed up to take the training I have already sent your info to NMFMA, if you were not at the meeting email me at: with your name, email address & zip code and I will add you to the list to take the training.  You will have to be signed up so that you can get a username and password to access the online training.  If you took the training last year the NMFMA will send you an email of how to sign in (check your spam folder also) if they do not please email Michael Green at NMFMA:

2022 must-knows for accepting WIC:

THERE WILL BE NO PAPER WIC CHECKS ANY LONGER, starting 2022 WIC is going to be all electronic on your own smart phone as an app

WIC starts early July 2022.  New farmers must apply to accept WIC (current contract covering 2020, 2021, 2022) AND an extra agreement to use the app: a total of 2 documents you’ll need to get from me and send to the NM Dept of Health.  Returning farmers who are already signed up with WIC for this contract period just have to fill out the extra agreement to use the app: 1 document you’ll need to get from me and send to the NM Dept of Health. 

Basically the story is that the company that printed the WIC checks for the entire nation notified each state that their agreement would terminate at the end of 2021 season.  So now WIC is going to be all electronic on your own smart phone as an app.  Any amount can be charged (not just $5 check increments) and you won’t have to worry about signatures, getting checks stamped, lost checks, or going to the bank because the money will be directly deposited to your account the week after market day or by check – your choice. You’ll also have access to your sales over the season.  The NM Dept of Health claims that there will be an in person training by WIC employees at market starting in July, the only info I have on them attending is this claim.  Basically you will scan a QR code with your phone on the WIC app and enter the amount to submit payment.  The QR code with either be on the shopper’s phone screen OR on the shopper’s physical WIC card.

I have a very good explanation of how this new WIC program works in a powerpoint presentation from the Dept of Health but I can’t include it here since its too big so if you would like it please email me and ask for it (just reply to this email) so I can send it via email directly to you so you can look at it to consider if this program is for you.

Update on New Mexico WIC Farmers’ Market 2022 Season from Dept of Health:

As you are probably aware, there are major changes in the way that the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program and the Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program will be implemented throughout the Farmers’ Markets in New Mexico.
Effective July 1, 2022, market vendors will no longer be receiving checks from WIC and senior participants because the New Mexico Department of Health (DOH) is changing to an all-electronic mobile process.
The purpose of this letter is to assist our vendors in becoming a part of this new all-electronic process. Payments in the all-electronic process, called E-FMNP, are available free of charge to all New Mexico approved farmers. The electronic process offers two different methods that are available to customers (and vendors).
In one method, both the vendor and the customer use a cell phone. In the other method, the vendor uses a cell phone, and the customer uses a shopping card.

Please click on the below links to watch a video on how the process will work for both methods.
SoliMarket Demo Register & Shopper English – YouTube
SoliMarket Demo With Card English – YouTube

To participate in the E-FMNP process, an “approved” farmer must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a 2010 or newer cell phone (Android or IPhone) or a tablet device that can download the E-FMNP App (application) from the Apple or Google Play store.
  2. Have an approved WIC agreement from the New Mexico DOH for 2020 through 2022 (New vendors will apply for this agreement when they formally register for the market; 2021 vendors at our market already have this agreement.)
  3. Complete the enclosed payment form from the DOH to choose your preferred method of payment (direct deposit or check) for WIC and Senior purchases.
  4. Submit the completed payment form to the New Mexico Farmers Market Programs by email or regular mail (also notify your Market Manager of this action).
  5. Attend a training session on how to use the electronic application to interact with WIC and Senior customers. We will inform you about the date and time.

We ask you to act on items 3 and 4 from the above list now.
++     For item 3: Fill in the E-FMNP Payment Form from your market manager.
++     For item 4: Once you have completed the E-FMNP Payment Form, submit it to Veronica Griego, manager of the New Mexico Farmers Market WIC Programs.
Get the form from your market manager and send just the page with the completed form via regular mail to the following address:

New Mexico WIC Farmers Market Program
Attn: Veronica Griego
2040 South Pacheco St.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Once the completed payment form is received by the program office, they will enter your information in their data base. The program office will send you an email with instructions on how to download the mobile electronic application and set up your account. Also, if you selected “Direct Deposit” on the payment form, the program office will send you an ACH document about your choice of payment to complete.
Note: Contact your Market by phone or email to let them know that you have submitted the payment form

Additional Details: The “Farmer ID” on the form is the same WIC number assigned to each vendor when his/her WIC agreement was approved. New vendors will not have the Farmer ID yet, they must request and ID number from their market manager. The Farm location and the Mailing Address (where you receive regular mail) may be the same for many vendors. When responding to any of the checkbox items, you can mark the selection with an X.
The Additional staff/Cashier information section is used to enter the name of additional staff or family members who can process transactions for the farmer at the same market or at other markets. Each individual added to this section will receive an email as well to download the app.
• Example: If the farmer is at the Santa Fe Farmers Market and the cashier is at the Taos Farmers Market on the same day, the E-FMNP system will allow transactions to be made at both markets at the same time from 2 different smart phones.
• Example: If both the farmer and the cashier are at the Taos Market at the same time, the cashier can process a transaction when the farmer is busy.
In both examples, it is the farmer who is being paid. 

The new system will start accepting payment on July 1, 2022, to November 29, 2022.

If you have any additional questions about the E-FMNP process, please email or call 505-469-0548