2024 Farmer Vendor Applications available NOW! Scroll to the bottom of this page!


Please read through the following, familiarize yourself with the market regulations, and complete an application. If you have additional questions that are not answered below, contact us at:

We welcome Farmers/Ranchers from the following Northern New Mexico counties: Taos, Colfax, Mora, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Sandoval, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba and Costilla County, Colorado.
All applications require pre-approval before your arrival at market.
If you intend bringing fresh produce directly from your farm, the application process to sell at market is very straightforward, download Farmers Application at bottom of this page.
  Farmer/Rancher Vendors are welcome to apply at least one week prior to attending market for the first time this season.

  • Download and familiarize yourself with our Rules & Regulations in our Vendor Agreement as all vendors are required to abide by the market regulations.  All applicants are required to read and sign in agreement of the 2023 Vendor Agreement which contains all of TFM’s rules & regulations and turn a copy into us to participate in the market.
  • Download the appropriate application form from below by first asking yourself:
    are you a Farmer/Rancher?  You plan to sell only raw food/meat that you grow.
    OR are you a Non-Farmer such as a Baker? or a Prepared Food Producer? or a Value-Added Producer?
  • If you are applying as a Non-Farmer Vendor, such as Baker, Prepared Food or Value Added space your application is due April 1 2024.  Please note that these are juried items and need to comply to specific guidelines and only a small number are selected from these categories every year. Approval process will be on an as-needed/local basis. These categories fill up well before beginning of season!!!  Please wait for application approval by April 20, 2024 – we will contact you by phone or e-mail.
    The NM Environment Department asks vendors who intend to serve/sell prepared foods at the Taos Farmers’ Market to submit their applications for temporary food service permit applications to the:
    Taos NMED Field Office
    145 Roy Road, Taos, NM 87571
    575-758-8808 – call them if you have questions about Temporary Food Service Permits.
  • If approval has been granted, arrive at market at 7am Saturday morning and plan to stay until the market closes at 12:30pm. There is no driving in or out of the market allowed while we are open for business–between 8am and 12:30pm.  First Market of season: May 11, 2024 market will continue every week until October 26, 2024.  There will very likely be 4 November market Saturdays also from 9am-12pm.
  • Bring your own table & chairs, umbrella or tent with appropriate weights for each leg of tent.  Everything you need to run your booth you are responsible for bringing including change. Each vendor is allotted a 12’x12′ space. When you arrive our Site Manager, Margaret, will assign you an available spot.
    -TFM Info Booth has items for Vendors to purchase: TFM embroidered logo 3-pocket Vendor Aprons ($20).
    -TFM sells reusable canvas and insulated shopping bags ($20) and specialty woven bags and ghana baskets ($25-$60) for customers to purchase.


Here is what you need to know:

  • ALL VENDORS must reapply every year
  • 2024 Vendor Applications & updated Rules & Regulations will be MAILED by post to your mailing address on March 1, 2024.  If you have a new mailing address, send it to us ASAP at
  • Return your completed 2024 Vendor Application & signed 2024 Vendor Agreement (last page or a photocopy) to us
    by scanned copy to:
    by mail to: PO BOX 3114 Taos, NM 87571
  • Non-Farmer applications are due by April 1, 2024!
  • Spring Vendor Meeting for 2024 is 4/27/24 at 11am at Taos County Courthhouse Parking lot

All applicants are required to read and sign in agreement of the 2024 Vendor Agreement and turn a copy into us to participate in the market.

WIC Information: The Taos Farmers Market WIC Number: 29144


FARMER Application 2024: TFMI Farmer App 2024.docx

NON-FARMER Application 2024: TFM 2024 Non Farmer App.docx

VENDOR AGREEMENT 2024 (for ALL Vendors to complete): Vendor Agreement 2024.docx

Board of Directors, Current Members

-Andre Kempton President

-Levi Valdez, Vice President

-Christopher Bergner, Secretary

-Doug Patterson, Treasurer

-Hendrix Johnston, Board Member

To contact the TFM Board of Directors either send a letter to PO Box 3114 Taos, NM 87571 or email attn: Board of Directors