We’re Hiring: Site Manager 2022

Site Manager Job Description

Requirements: Employee needs to be at the Market site at 6:00 am to set-up and must stay until the Market is completely cleaned up and closed-down, no later than 2:00 pm. Employee needs a vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch to pull the Market’s trailer to the Plaza (Market Day site). Employee needs to be comfortable with pulling, backing and parking a trailer. 

Term: Contract starts on the last Saturday in August and continues every Saturday through the third week in November for a total of 13 markets. Contract is for the season and paid semi-monthly.  Starting at $15/hour.

Summary of Tasks:

Site Set-up: 

  • Pulling the Market trailer to the Plaza each Saturday morning
  • Setting up streets signs on the way to the market early on Saturday mornings
  • Setting up at the Plaza:
    • Putting up banners and signs 
    • Setting up road blocks
    • Unloading Info Booth supplies/merch
    • Helping Retail Manager set up Info Booth as needed
    • Setting up extra canopies, chairs and tables

During the Market:

  • Checking in vendors and assigning booth spaces for day vendors
  • Generally helping Vendors as needed
  • Collecting completed applications from new vendors
  • Collecting Vendor fees 
  • Enforcing Market rules (See “Vendor Agreement” for all rules)
  • Recording Vendor attendance
  • Recording Customer attendance
  • Coordinating with Retail Manager & Assistant Retail Manager on all Market Day business: cash bank, EBT/SNAP sales, WIC, merchandise ordering, Daily Accounting sheets, etc. and helping in Info Booth as needed
  • Answering questions from vendors & the public
  • Coordinating and overseeing volunteers as needed
  • Passing out info/surveys/etc to Vendors as needed
  • Coordinating with Business Manager as needed to plan musicians, special events, cooking demos, etc.

After the Market: 

  • Allowing in Vendor vehicles around roadblocks, keeping out non-market traffic until 1:30pm
  • Packing all Market equipment and supplies into trailer
  • Checking Plaza for garbage, take trash to dumpsters, etc.
  • Picking up signs and banners
  • Returning trailer to storage area

If the Site Manager is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a particular Saturday during the season, they are responsible for finding their replacement so that the duties of this contract are covered.

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  1. Doing a little live broadcast to facebook walkingcaround honoring n letting the goods be shown…. thats a great way to get business up up up! ❤️👍😘

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