We’re Hiring: Retail Manager 2021

Apply by sending your resume & cover letter to info@taosfarmersmarket.org

We’re looking for a responsible, community-minded individual to join us at market this summer! Starting rate $12/hour 7am-2pm every Saturday

Retail Manager
(Job Description)
Employee needs to be at the Market site at 7:00 am to set-up and must stay until the Market is completely cleaned up and closed-down, no later than 2:00 pm. Employee needs to be able to lift at least 30 lbs.
Job begins on the third Saturday in May and continues every Saturday through the third Saturday in November for a total of 28 regular markets. Salary is paid semi-monthly during the season. Salary is $12 per hour, not to exceed 10 hours per week, for the season (28 markets).
Summary of Tasks:
Retail Manager is responsible for the following:
Info Booth Set-up:

● Unloading and setting up all Info Booth items needed for each market day
● Pop up tent, tables, table cloth, merchandise, till, EBT machine and tokens, flyers, signs, etc…
● Assisting vendors and Site Manager as needed

During Market:

● Managing the Farmers’ Market Booth:

o Selling merchandise and providing information about the Market and local food/agriculture (including volunteer opportunities and vendor information)
o Managing the EBT/DUFB program (redeeming points with wireless terminal, collecting
tokens from vendors, taking responsibility for a sizeable cash bank balance, and balancing the bank at the close of each market)
o Filling out Daily Accounting sheet to be given to Business Manager at the end of each market
o Making sure all EBT/DUFB & WIC information is compiled and delivered to the Business Manager for filing reports to the proper agencies

● Coordinating and overseeing volunteers as needed
● Assisting Assistant Retail Manager as needed and when able
● Assisting Site Manager with the enforcement of all Market rules and regulations
● Fielding questions from the public
● Collecting all completed applications from new vendors and delivering to Business Manager
● Helping with the registering of farmers with WIC contracts, delivering this information to Business Manager
● Answering questions and dealing with vendor problems, relaying all concerns to Site Manager
After the Market:
● Packing all Info Booth equipment and supplies into appropriate boxes then into trailer and assisting Site Manager with overall market clean up/pack up
● Checking Plaza for garbage, etc.
● Picking up signs and banners
● Maintaining adequate copies of all necessary forms for the upcoming market, communicating to Business Manager when more forms need to be printed out:

o Daily Accounting forms
o WIC applications
o Copies of Rules and Regulations
o Farmer/Grower Vendor applications
o EBT Token Exchange Slips
o Flyers, etc.

If the Retail Manager is unable to fulfill his/her duties for a particular Saturday during the Season, they are responsible for finding their own replacement so that the duties of this job are covered.

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