Health Safety Measures 2021

Here is a list of modifications to our market we have in place:

  • To protect others, stay home if you are sick. Vendors may not come to market if ill.
  • Taos county is “Turquoise level” which means we can operate with no capacity limits since we are an essential business operating in an outdoor space
  • No customer handling of products. Customers should not touch anything on the Vendor’s table, the Vendor will be the only person touching your food until you bring it home and wash it as you should always do with fresh produce.
  • Do not place your personal shopping bags on vendors tables.
  • All vendors must have hand sanitizer for their personal use, the market has provided every vendor a bottle of locally crafted hand sanitizer for this very purpose.
  • All Vendor Booths are spaced out 6 feet in all directions for ample room for vendors and shoppers.
  • NM Governor says as of 5/16/20:
    “Masks will be required of everyone in public places, with exceptions for eating, drinking and exercising and medical requirements.” (see:

“March 3, 2021

Our office has recently reconsidered the restrictions for farmers’ markets. I am happy to provide some new guidance. Farmers markets are categorized as an essential businesses that is a “retail space” in the Public Health Order. Farmers’ markets are part of this category because they are businesses that generate more than one-third of their revenue from the sale of consumable food and beverages. If a farmers’ market generates more than one-third of their revenue from food and beverage goods, non-food vendors may participate within the same market. However, farmers’ markets are subject to the occupancy limits for essential businesses identified as retail spaces for the county they operate in.  Farmers’ markets must also comply with the applicable COVID Safe Practices.

Maria S. Dudley
Associate General Counsel
Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham”

We serve the farmers who rely on direct market sales for their livelihood, providing our community with the freshest, healthiest food available, while considering the safety and health of everyone involved. The short supply chain of local food is now more important now than ever and we will continue to strive to bring those products in the safest and most effective way possible.

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  1. Will there be any live music this year at the Farmer’s Market? That is always so lovely to shop with. Thank you.

  2. I’m trying to understand the exchange on food stamps. I was there last week sent $50 in food stamps thought I was being matched the same , so there for, I thought I could get $100 worth of food products. However not all the tokens were worth the same “value “ meaning only certain booths took certain tokens… Why is there different tokens if a dollar is a dollar? The wooden tokens are taken at all booths but only “some” booths take the matched silver token??? Please help me understand

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