EBT updates 5/20/22

This special update is only for our customers who use EBT benefits at market:

We just wanted to write to let you all know what the issue was last week with the EBT machine.  The company that leases us the machine & connects us for our transactions sent us a new EBT machine.  When Solomon and Sierra were trying to get the machine to work last week we just expected it would allow transactions since it was connecting to the cell tower and had data capabilities so we couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working (in the past troubleshooting at market usually allowed us to eventually get connected).  I spent all week dealing with the company and on both sides we couldn’t figure out what the confusion was between their system and our machine. Unfortunately the machine we have currently is defective, so they ordered me a new machine yesterday finally but it will not be here by tomorrow for market.  We WILL be able to process EBT & DUFB tomorrow but without the machine so we will have to do it by phone.  Due to this you should plan accordingly to expect a longer waiting line for EBT since the phone system takes a little longer than the machine.  Also we recommend you get as much $ EBT tokens as you will need or more so that you will not have to return to the Info Booth to get more tokens since the line will be long so it gives a chance for all customers to get their EBT rather than some customers doing multiple transactions and holding up the line.  We will still be matching your EBT tokens as usual with Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) for fresh fruits & vegetables.

Since our community is going through an actual emergency right now with this fire it is more important than ever to us to get especially the displaced families their EBT money to shop with our farmers & bakers.  Also the USDA sent us an email this week that informed us that through 6/13/22 EBT customers will be able to buy hot food to eat at market with EBT wooden tokens. See the USDA notice below:

Sorry for the EBT issues on Opening Day, it is not how we wanted to start off the season!  If you know anything about astrology you know that mercury in retrograde means ‘communication & connectivity issues’ so voila its written in the stars that we would be struggling with this and finally we have some sort of solution for tomorrow.  We expect the new machine to arrive next week so if all goes as planned by 5/28 we should be operating EBT with the machine as usual.  The EBT & DUFB program is what we put the most hours into during market and through the week since we know how much it helps the greater community and we got to look out for one another to get local food on EVERY table!

Team TFM
(Jennifer & Solomon & Sierra)

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